Monday, October 4, 2010

And here we go....

I have to say as one who is close to being obsessive compulsive when it comes to the checking the weather, this one totally got past me. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at the remote and it read 33 degrees, my heart just stopped. All the peppers, green tomatoes, eggplant and the last of the okra were done for. How could have I let this slip by? I think yesterday was one of the first days I had not checked the weather. Or if I did it was just to see that the day time temp would be bearable for the 60 guests we were expecting for our fall chowdown day.

I think things will be fine, The last market was Saturday and now I'll start finishing up the harvest and winding things down this week, The fall plantings of greens should be fine in spite of the cold. At the "baby" stage, lettuce is fine and really can freeze solid and be completely fine if harvested after it thaws out. This is not true however for mature plants. But anyhow, Its time to start thinking about this weather thing way more seriously now.

It just doesn't feel like things are winding down. October is crazy busy with my work at the wellness center, the last farm table dinner of the season is on Saturday and every weekend there is a private party scheduled, so I'm still full throttle moving forward. November I tell myself will be much slower, time to rest a little just a few more weeks.

But really...... could this be a carhart morning? OMG I am so not ready for this!

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