Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Checking in

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. Let me say I think October has this far been one of the busiest months I’ve had this year. I have one more week of this and things should slow down a bit.

It’s the half way point of the 30 day challenge. The first week my family was here. My brother in-law will eat anything but my niece has a poor relationship with food except if you are a slab of beef and a russet potato. But I just carried on like usual and she took care of herself and all went well. The second week was the hardest because of having to spend a lot of time off the farm and trying to find acceptable things to eat while away which honestly I did not have too much success with. As a matter of fact as I was coming back from my hay hall in Blackwell I picked up some ”trail mix”. I thought, well at least this will be somewhat healthy…not! I might as well have just gotten a snickers bar. It was loaded with sugar and preservatives. Ugh! , so my next trip I packed a lunch. Eating a Quinoa casserole on the road pulling 80 bales alfalfa poses its own challenges. This is why McDonalds’ is so frickin huge. Everything on the menu save for the salad is meant to be eaten at high speeds. Oh how I longed for the eating simplicity big mack. But that is just not an option.

Last Wednesday I did go to the Brookside farmers market, BTW tomorrow is the last one. I bought a huge bushel of green beans to freeze and a case of sweet potatoes. So if you can, head to the Brookside market (food pyramid parking lot) and stock up on some things. Quickly blanched green beans are great to freeze and sweet potatoes last a long time!

At my place I’ve got lettuce galore! So salad every night. The freezer is full, the pantry is not as full as I wish it were but it’s something, I’ve still got green tomatoes, eggplant and peppers on the vine and am with diligence watching for the first freeze for that last harvest. Again the planning issue comes up for me. With farm table dinners, private parties, harvesting for CSA, Wellness Center etc.. time to stop for 20 minutes and just plan a weekly menu has been difficult. Luckily I’ve had catering left overs so we’ve been able to get by pretty well. But today I’m planning for the rest of the month.

I’m hearing the beautiful sound of thunder, a welcomed rain is falling. I still have so much to do today so I’ll just have to get wet, but the rain is such a needed thing right now. I never thought rain would sound so sweet as it does right now. Some critter ate my irrigation line so I haven’t been able to water the field. It’s so late in the season I hate to replace it, especially when it will just happen again. So rain sky rain!
So how you doo’in?


brneyedgal967 said...

I'd love to stop by the farm sometime on my way to visit family in Bristow and buy some of your goodies. I'm wondering if you enjoy trout. I have 28 trout in the freezer that my husband has caught in the last month. Good stuff - caught in a fresh water stream at Roaring River State Park in Missouri. More than we can use, though and I'd rather give it away than throw it out.

Just found your blog recently and absolutely love all that you've done and continue to do. You are an inspiration!!

Lisa said...

brney, thanks! and yea come on by, things will be slowing down soon and I would wecome a visitor or two. e-mail me let me know when your coning through.