Friday, October 29, 2010

First Freeze

Its happened! the first freeze of the season. I've been anticipating it of course but with all the remarkably warm and beautiful days we've been having I was wondering if it wouldn't be mid November. In many ways its a relief, the anticipation over. I spent the entire day from about 9:30 to 3:30 harvesting what was left of the summer crops; green tomatoes, about 60 pounds, red, green, yellow peppers, about 150 pounds, eggplant 60 pounds. jalapenos 25 pounds and padron peppers a mere 5 pounds. And last night round chore time I have never felt so beat. Every muscle in my body was screaming, nothing 4 advil 2 margaritas and a plate of fajitas wouldn't cure.
But this is it folks, the summer is finally over! Yea the market ended weeks ago but when your still harvesting summer crops it really doesn't seem like anything is over. But the freeze called it!
Today I have some pep in my step, a jib in my jab and my sense of humor might just be making its way back home to me. Now I can focus my energy on other things like my most beloved GREENS! yum yum!, the green house looks amazing and I really look forward to spending some time in there.
But today, I'm gonna chill a little try to repair my body, I have a bunch of work to do today but tomorrow I take the day off! its been so long since I've had a day off. It feels like months. I'll do my rounds and chores and then I'm headed to the chair with the three books I'm almost finished with.

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