Friday, August 27, 2010

Think about it

I'm still reading Angie Debo's Prairie City. The only chance I get to read is right before bed and my eyes get mighty heavy. There are no photos or illustrations in her book so I do little searches on the Internet so I can get a good picture of what things really looked like during the early days of Oklahoma. Her descriptions are beautifully detailed but I have such a limited frame of reference when it comes to the photo above I really have to see it in order to truly understand it.

The more I read the more I begin to understand the people of this state and why it still seems like uncharted territory at times. What inventive and hearty folks the first settlers were. Ingenuity was their strong suit, but also creative and pure survivalists at the core. Can you see yourself in the photo above? Aside from the politics of the day and the dark side of settling this state, its quite amazing how people set out to survive against all odds. Kinda like being a vegetable farmer here, but in spite of the unfriendly weather and heat at times, we just keep on truckin'. and now I understand why Oklahomans like turnips so much. It was one of the only vegetable crops they could grow here besides, Keffir corn, and sorghum, then later of course wheat. The landscape of Oklahoma has really change.

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