Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If you are anything like me your sick of hearing how hot it is, but 104 that’s something to talk about. That what the thingymigger reads outside right now. 104. Just 104. Not, “get your ass back inside its 104 idiot” no, just 104, not flashing or nothin’. I went inside a cracked a Stella that’s what I did. Today wasn’t a good day to can either. Just saying. It might be 104 outside but its 110 heat index in the kitchen. Me, I have an air conditioner unit that might be older than I am or half my age let’s just say, it’s working like the little engine that could and I so hope it can.

Linda is on vacation, a staycation they call it cause she’s not leaving town. In her case a haycation more accurately named. (it’s all the rage, you should try it) So she has two whole weeks on the farm with me. Poor thing. Yesterday she helped hoe until she turned a funny purple color. Then today she grilled peppers for the winter. Is that not hilarious? Joke is on me, I was inside canning and it was cooler outside. (Sometimes my tricks backfire on me).

But really, I’m trying to make my peace with this heat. I’m trying to pull up the memory of the cold hard winter of the year before and how I wished for a hot summer day. It really was a hard cold winter here at the farm. The summer is relatively easier in comparison, no ice to break on water tanks, no frozen pipes under the house, no frozen well, no freezing cold house when we ran out of propane. No chickens sliding along on the ice, no goats held up in the barn, no dead grass and trees emptied of leaves, no grayness in the sky, no eight pound carharts to lug around, just blue skies and a blazing red ball of fire in the suffocating air over us. So much for peace, at this point I’ll just take survival, more occasions to drink cold beer and take naps. There’s a bright side.

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