Thursday, August 5, 2010

A little update

On beautiful mornings like these its hard to imagine that within hours it will be unbearable. Today we have a slight cool front to look forward to when the high will only reach 96 and there is a slight possibility of some rain too. I welcome the rain but not the humidity.

Yesterday in spite of the heat we had a big job to do. We separated our sheep into groups. One group are the ewes we will breed this fall. The second are female lambs, ewes and wethers, we wont breed, and the third are a few in tact males that I never got around to banding, there are just four of them so they will go into a rotation far from any females and will be raised for our next trip to the processor in a few months.

It was a long hard hot job but we managed to get it done so that felt like an accomplishment. Everyone is really looking good and fat. There was a lot of separation screaming last night but this morning it seems pretty quiet. This is the first time I have ever worked with rotational grazing. In theory its wonderful concept but in practice I haven't quite gotten it down. I've been told it takes some time. I'm good with taking the electro-net fencing down and putting it up. That is fairy simple and takes only 10 or 15 minutes, but its the planning and having the next rotation ready to go. That's where I get stuck some times. I could use a couple more panels.

On the chicken front, the pullets are now 22 weeks old and I found a whole four eggs in the bus. So I think fall I will have a good supply if eggs. By the end of August they should all be laying like mad. Moving the bus is an adventure all on its own that's worthy of a post soon. But the Hen-a-bego is in this grand rotation too so it really takes some planning. Getting all the bugs out, making it second nature that's what we're shooting for.

Today is about canning. Jalapenos, more tomatoes, and chili verde sauce. The air conditioner isn't working to good so we'll get to the canning after chores this morning.

Some bad news; Granny passed. I guess the stress of moving and the heat did her in. She couldn't get up on her own anymore and I couldn't get her up so I just brought her water and food but she started to turn them down. I had decided to put her down, but she took care of that. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with her she was really sweet. The others are doing fine but haven't left the site. Its so sad. It'll take time. Rest in peace Granny.


Jan said...

Rest In Peace, Granny. I'm glad she has your loving attention for her final days.

I hope Gaia/Maia was hanging with you while you separated the sheep. That's just the kind of thing she needs to see so that by next year she can help you with it! I asked the best ES trainer I know about what to do with a dog who was scared of the sheep, and she said just keep her with you while you work, don't force her, and she'll probably get over it. I'll pur you in touch with her if you'd like--she has TONS of experience and will give you advice. Got any pictures of the pup for us to see her?

Hang in there and stay cool!


Teresa said...

Sorry to hear about Granny. It is so sad to lose a furry loved one. I still am very attached and think of the four-leggeds I have known who have moved to the next (or parallel) world. We will love them forever.

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