Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dreams of fall

I woke up at 4:30 from a bad dream. I was angry at my niece Jennifer and was throwing shoes at her and yelling something like "how could you do that" I have no idea what "that"was but I was pissed. I grabbed an arm full of my clothes out of the closet and preceded to take them out to my car. My car was a black flashy Suburban. one of my coats fell off the hanger, it was a white rhinestone studded fringed leather jacket. I had two, each different. My sister picked it up off the ground, brushed it off, placed it back on the hanger and laid it neatly in the back seat of my Suburban.

She said nothing, my sister, but she had a little smile on her face that made me feel a little bad for my temper tantrum. But I was MAD dangit! But there was something funny. in the dream, in the back of my mind I was thinking. "why do I own two white rhinestone studded leather jackets? and why am I placing them in this shiny new black huge ass suburban"? "am I in the wrong dream?" Then I looked at my sister and said, "and why are you here, your, dead" That's a buzz kill for a crazy dream so awake am I at 4:30, thinking is that the only thing I could have thought of to say to my sister? SHIT!

shake it off, carry on.....

So Soil temp at my place is way to hot to plant yet. Its up in the very high 90's so I wait. Were right on the cusp but its not worth shitty germination. I've gotten the first 300 ft bed ready to go and I'll work on one more. This is just to get me started, into fall. I have like 6 more weeks of market so the last three I want a full booth of greens; Arugula, lettuce, etc. But the big push will be next week. I'm in the process of getting the ground ready for the new high tunnel for winter growing. This gets me pretty excited. I cant tell you what a thrill it is on a cold 35 degree day to walk into the 65 degree hoop house and harvest lettuce.

I'll be constructing about 4 cold frames as well, which will be really nice for some specialty lettuces and greens. I've been asked to give a talk at OSU's Seretean wellness center for the Wellness Wednesday series. This is where I work in the winter part time , I'll be talking about and demonstrating all the details on how to construct, fill and plant a cold frame for winter production. It's Wednesday September 15th in Stillwater. If anyone is interested contact me and I'll send you details.

So the next two weeks you'll be reading about getting ready for winter by planting seeds. Kind of strange I know but Fall and winter are one of the best times to grow in Oklahoma.


ChrisP said...

Hi, I followed Linda to your blog, and stayed around. The cold frame info would be good if it not too much trouble.

Lisa said...

Chris, I'll be contsructing some next week so I'll be posting step by step instructions on the blog. Thanks for coming.