Thursday, August 12, 2010

On another note

Where's that girl with the red dress on
some folks call her Dinah.......

I strum a little here and there. I wouldn't ever call myself good. I know my G D C Am and all the basics it takes to get ya through a song. I like to sing, and I wouldn't call that good either but its something I do. I've been playing this here Martin for a few years now. I really like her. Deep and pretty soundn'. I play for myself and for the goats and an occasional innocent bystander that just happened to be in the way, like the one I live here with. Who insists she likes it when I play.

I do aspire to be a better guitarist. I really do enjoy playing so much. I took lessons as a teen ager and then just messed around now and then. The years I was in the restaurant business I really just left it alone. Sad business. I picked it up again a few years ago and have been pretty gung ho. I'm not in a position financially nor do I have the time to take up lessons again although I would really like to, but I try to learn new songs as much as I can and I try to play as much as I'll allow myself spare time.

I think of ways in which I can be creative. Work on a farm certainly requires a certain amount of creativity but I also crave to play music, write, draw, cook. I like using time for these things rather than watching TV although I've done my fair share of that now and then. But I notice a big difference when I allow myself the time to be creative. I feel it throughout my body, a vibrancy, I'm lighter and less uptight. The problem is gifting myself the time. If I'm not "working" I feel a little guilty.

So my goal is to play my guitar at least 30 minutes a day and teach myself a new chord, one a week. I have a list of songs I want to learn. There will be no concert at the end, this is just for my own druthers.
send prayers to Linda as I'm exploring the minor notes


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