Monday, August 23, 2010

Another glorious morning. I sit with a long lists of tasks and to do's in front of me and look up out the window to the east pasture and watch the sun peek over the boundary of trees. Its big today, the sun. Surreal clouds dot the sky with such utter magnificence I feel I'm looking at a painting that's moving and breathing its gift all around me, Its going to be one of those days, the kind where I walk around in my farmy euphoria all day. I manage however to get a lot done on these days so I'm not knocking em' but it makes me pretty hard to reach in a variety of ways.

I'll be spending today on the brush hog, and then working a fresh clean bed for spinach and lettuce. With the cool nights now soil temps have gone down enough I think to plant. I feel pretty confident that this is the case. I have some ground to break up and turn in for garlic planting soon. I'm always late with garlic. Maybe not this year. Maybe this is the year I'll be on time. Or not.

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