Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wanderlust interupted

After further thought on the last post I've decided that fence work and ticks go hand in hand and I even think I may have called a chigger or two. Been itching wild all day and night.
So after a day a full day of fence mending and tick bites, I got to finally spend the day weeding and planting. It was a great day until I looked over and noticed seven Woollies high tailing it down the road. Calmly (freaky calm like) I grabbed a bucket of corn an got them to come back. (still freakishly calm like) and I put them in jail. In hopefully several days they will (as nanc says from Cordero Farms grow wheels, is that right? anyway I'll be taking them to 4 states to be processed.
The decision was not a difficult one it just took a while.
Meat in the freezer or meat on route 66 and a possible car crash. Its simple really.
So much for my fiber project.
So much for their wanderlust.
I better not get the Rocky mountain spotted tick fever.


nanc said...

Atta, girl! Meat in the freezer is always better if it isn't road kill ;) (and a lawsuit). Hard to retrain them to the fence once they've started breaking out. It's probably easier to break a dog from sucking eggs :-o! Enjoy the sunshine, and if you find a magic repellent for ticks, will you please share? They are eating me alive *already*.

Lisa said...

Once I made the call it felt very right! I'm letting the chickens out this morning. The ticks are BAD and so soon.