Friday, April 23, 2010

A Walk

She‘s putting her boots on…. Not going to the animals?..! UPUPUP! We’re off! Under the fence, quicker than lightning. Runrunrun. Gravel underfoot, push back the cows from the path, run, round the calves, back. Green grass, wet. Leaves under paw, brambles, ouch! Runrun, sniff, possum, raccoon, SQUIRLLE! Where, where, where?! This tree, that tree, this branch that branch. Coyote poop. Old. Splash! Deep water in the creek, up on the sandy ridge faster than lightning, run, deer trail, sniff, goes long way, curvy, spotty, no deer go back. Runrunrun. Splash! Pond. Thirsty, lap, lap, lap. Up on the bank sniff sniff, beaver no good. Runrunrun through the thick green branches out to the grassy field up on the hill. Wet leaves under foot. Down on the hill, push the cows from the path, gravel underfoot, under the fence swoosh, up on the porch, She’s taken her boots off. "Good Girl". Door closed. shutthud. Ah, laydown. Yes. the bed. Sleep.


Lost City Denise said...

Sadie is a guest blogger!

Sue said...

Good dog, Sadie!