Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring time slumber

So far Spring has been perfect. Nice warm sunny days, a couple of warm overcast days (perfect for transplanting into the field) and one thunderstorm that seemed perfectly timed to water in the new seedlings. Cant ask for anything better. The Animals like it too. I caught this lamb totally crashed out. He awoke with my camera in his face. He wasn't exactly pleased.

And then there was Paschal. Spot is behind him.

It's no wonder I don't get any work done, I'm so busy spying on the animals trying to get a good shot!

The animals are in heaven right now. So much to eat, the temperature is perfect and we've made it through the long cold snowy winter. I've managed to get some work done brush hogging and stuff, farm stuff you know. I started my first batch of cheese last night so that's exciting. The colostrum is out of the milk and it is tasting gooood!

On Sunday, Linda and I found a nice spot to have dinner. Do we know how to live or what!

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Linda said...

[yawn] This post makes me sleepy. :)