Monday, April 12, 2010

Market Opens

The Cherry Street Farmers Market started last Saturday. The market has moved from the Lincoln center parking lot to smack dab on 15th street, between Quaker and Rockford. We badly needed more space. More space for vendors but also customers. The effort that went into this move was amazing but there was also a lot of fear. The Cherry Street Market has been in the same place for 12 years and a move like this was kind of a big deal. Most of the farmers are completely dependent on the Farmers Market for the majority of their income for the year (we'd be one of them) So change didn't come easy. A lot of surveys were filled out by vendors and customers, a lot of communicating between city officials, paper work, maps and map re-do's and more map re-do's. The purchasing of road blocks and trailers and hiring a assistant market manager. What I am saying is a spectacular amount of work went into this move and the fear remained.
Until Saturday at 8:15 am when we were sold out.

The sea of people who filled the streets to come out to the first market was amazing! I was just overtaken by gratitude and awe. I just couldn't believe all the faces. All the shoppers and yet so early still and all the amazing produce, meats, cheeses, eggs, soap, crafts and more. There was a moment where in my mind everything came together. All of us on the farm here have been working since August of last year getting ready for that one day. Opening day of market, a new season, a new opportunity a new profound breath of life that started with a gasp and a sputter.

Meeting our new CSA members was really beautiful, some came up, hand out stretched with a name and a profound statement that went like this "I'm your farm partner!" that reached into our hearts. I mean if it were not for our CSA members we could not have had the start up investment it takes to start a new farm and a new season.

We've arrived folks.
fully charged, fully capable and ready to face the season ahead. I've never felt so alive!

Happy new year!

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