Wednesday, July 11, 2012

these boots

A couple of days before my first ridding lesson with my new instructor, I purchased a pair of rugged ridding boots. The kind of boot you jump on a horse with, unload hay and muck stalls. They are pretty boots in craftsmanship but meant for shit kickin'. These are not going to town boots, except if its the feed store or the gas station for a coke.

There is something about how I felt when I put them on for the first time to ride. I felt light footed, confident. It almost felt that these boots removed any separation I had felt from my horse and the instructor like some how we were on the same page finally. I felt at home and and some how normal, even though I know to some folks around here I'm anything but normal. By the end of the day my boots were dirty and I was happy. They had done a fabulous  job!

What is about these boots? I think what makes them so special is a simple confirmation (no pun intended) that I'm taking steps forward to the dream I have of having my own horse. Small steps, that's good, I'm taking steps to be the horseman I see in my dreams as I gallop effortlessly across prairies and through woods.

The lesson went great, I had remembered more than I thought I would and I was happy with the horse my instructor put me on. Little red, beautiful six year old quarter horse 15 hands, lots of pep and very very patient as I made my way back in the saddle. We did figure eights, turns, stops, trotted. We went up hills and down, it was absolutely fabulous. I breathed in as deep as I could that wonderful grassy smell of horse and hay. I love the the smell of horses (horse shit is anther matter and I've smelled plenty of that) anyway... it was just the best time ever.

Later after the lesson was over I stayed in my boots and unloaded hay from the back of my truck. It was remarkable how natural they felt and how comfortable. Now I understand why they are the preferred choice of foot ware  in my "neighborhood". Oh what joy!

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Linda said...

Those boots are HOT!