Monday, July 16, 2012

the days

Things on the farm are so very bus right now. Harvesting needs to be done daily, along with weeding and watering. Just that alone on one acre is a full time job for one person. Weeding makes it last on the priority list but I think about it constantly and even dream about the tall menacing grasses and weeds choking out my valuable food. The food in which most of my entire livelihood is dependent on. The other is milk and cheese, and eggs and what apothecary I can create out of these things to nourish and nurture all that is in and around me. 

Its difficult to keep the monastic attitude when your running from one tomato vine to the next. Watching things grow out of control. But that's the real issue here isn't it? control. And this my fight with nature. trying to make things grow as I need or want them. Nature has me running to keep up with her, to head her off at the pass. Its a futile battle in this case. Conditions are favorable for the growing and the grower.  I throw my arms up and laugh smelling of sweat and vine fermented tomatoes.

The cool evenings and early mornings have made this life bliss. Yurt living is pure heaven. The hot days are offset by the pool I bought and keeping a 5 gallon thermos of ice water in the field with me. I had a tent up for shade but two nights ago a rainless storm blew through and in five minutes that tent was tossed over the fence and spread apart into unrecognizable pieces. Oklahoma.

So, as usual there is too much work in a day. Tasks are chosen out of necessity. Today canning has risen to the top of the list. Beautiful tomatoes wait in the cool room to become staples for months ahead. I'll value these in the deep months of winter. garlic pickles, are nice to have around too, soups and sauces from eggplant, squash and the likes.  Today will be cheese making and preserving. Tomorrow there will be harvesting and weeding. In between there will be good meals and restful sleep.

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