Monday, July 23, 2012


Not once did I ever imagine I would be living the life I have. Waking up before dawn to the sounds of mocking bird songs and cicadas. Sipping morning coffee from a soft bed in my yurt nestled in the shade of trees and  a stones throw from my goats. How lucky can a girl get. When the heat of these summer days gets me bitchy I remember how amazingly lucky I am.

Things have been hot around here. I'm pushing through it, for the most part with a good attitude but I'll be the first of my creed to admit I am looking forward to winter. I love the sun and I love warm humid days and evenings, up to a certain point. Then I kinda melt and forget simple things like how to hold a fork or turn on a light switch. (perhaps its all the cold beer I've been drinking). What gets me through the 109 degrees is knowing there will indeed, in the very near future be 40 degree days and warm cozy nights by the fire sipping hot goat milk with honey. Just thinking about it makes me feel good. In the cold of the winter I remember the warm summer sun. I cherish it all but....working outside for any length of time is much easier when its not over 100.

August is almost here and that means preparing the fall seedlings; broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, and hopefully preparing beds for carrots which I hope to plant by the end of August. everything else will get planted in September, beets, turnips, greens. I love this kind of stuff. Each season
is so exciting! So I'm seed shopping and that always makes me very happy.

I'm taking August off from our farm table dinners so I can get fall plantings ready and start filling the larder, plus its just too darn hot. September will be beautiful and dinners are close to being sold out. Our CSA is still going strong tomatoes have been insane! strangely just now starting to harvest Okra on a regular basis. Hmmm??

On another note.... So after my wonderful ride today my instructor told me she would like sell Red the horse I've been riding. I have first option, we get along beautifully. But..... am I ready? I hate to pass up an opportunity to buy a horse like this. I'm struggling with making a decision and I need to make it fast. These are horse traders and they raise and train horses for serious horsewomen and men. I am serious about learning and being able to compete.

In my dreams I'm riding at a gallop, and tying knots well.  Could this dream be coming true?

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