Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting back on

So, Monday I start up horse back ridding lessons again. Its been a couple of years, wow time flies! but I think about it too often to ignore so I'm back at it, this time close to home. I found a ranch close by so that will make long term lessons easier to commit to.

My goal of course is to some day own my own horse. I think about it every day. I could have had one by now seven times over again but for some reason horse ownership seems like a really big deal for me. I want to be with the right horse, and that horse just hasn't come along yet. Plus I have to admit I'm conserned about the financial responsibility. I've heard a broad spectrum of opinions on the subject to very little cost to you need to have an 80K a year salary to support a horse. Which is it? So until I know for sure I proceed with the utmost caution.

I purposely try to live well below my means. My goals are simple, no debt and live frugally with passion and meaning. But.... I want a horse, and that some how seems almost glutenous for my lifestyle, to have something just for pleasure. In my younger years, not so long ago if I wanted something I would just go get it and work out the details later. There are some bloggers I read regularly that do just that. They grab everything they want, they make it happen. And I suppose I could say I've done that much of my life and I don't necessarily believe there is anything wrong with that way of thinking, lord knows I wouldn't be here right now if not for that....but...maybe... its age? I'm a few weeks away from 46 years old and I tend to walk more cautiously, plan a little more and worry about the future. I think this is caused by 45 years of going for it. I don't regret any of my go for it moments, most ended up okay or even better but the failures have stuck with me and the wounds are still tender. So I think about things more. weighing out calamity with harmony.

I know the time will come when I can saddle up and ride anytime I want. I am making that happen, I am going for it, I'm just taking a different path to get there.

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