Sunday, April 8, 2012

Two down seven more to go, six kids. at this rate we'll wind up with about 24 kids is my guess, could be 27. Linda just poked her head in and said "can I just say I really hope we don't keep having triplets". They have been easy births so far but tonight is the watch. We have two does ready to pop and because of the triplet situation were taking no chances so, up every few hours. This is the life peeps. Only happens once a year at least that how we hope it goes.

But its official, I need to change my clothes again and Linda just announced she has discovered meconium on her pants. for your information that is the very first poop. We are always very pleased when we see this...except on our pants. Were a mess.

I shall post pics asap, Battery died in camera. Drats!

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Cassandra said...

Hooray for babies! Boo for poop. At least it washes, right? :)