Monday, April 2, 2012

trying not to close my eyes

I found this while looking for encouragement via the all mighty internet. I googled "inspiring women farmers" hoping for some words of wisdom and like minded discussion on the land and such things. But this just jumped right off the screen at me. There is so much about this poster that speaks to me. "National Service". Some times I wonder if I have any effect on the world out there with my toiling. I'm not popping out babies and volunteering at the church. Am I really making a difference growing vegetables. Shouldn't I be doing more meaningful work?  And there is that word, Service. When I think about it long enough, I think yes, but I am not just providing a service, I am serving. I take this seriously and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this manor. Then there's "Land Army" hell yea, some times it really feels that way. But I'm more of a diplomat trying to strike balances with the challenges farming hands out for supper.

Today however diplomacy was out of the question and I waged war on Colorado potato beetles. I'll never get to be a Buddhist.... I smashed those little suckers down to nothing. "Save the potatoes" I roared! Hear my cry!!!!  I have a special attachment to a good potato crop this year. It was that kind of a day. I cultivated potatoes and onions watered rows of lettuce, kale, chard, loved on tender tomato plants and got dirty. Dirty was good. After field work animals chores were smooth, cows showed up for dinner, chickens filled my bucket with eggs. and sheep as always followed me back to their barn to be put up for the night. I sat with them for a while, listening to the sounds of their cud chewing, each took a turn investigating the human sitting in the hay next to the feeder nose to nose. They had grass breath like you wouldn't believe. I cant imagine what they are saying about me right now.

 The evening felt young and work was done so I decided to go shoot off a few rounds and have a little target practice. I'm working on not closing my eyes after I pull the trigger. So, me on the four wheeler in the west pasture shooting and drinking beer all by myself. What I sight I must be. What a sight.


nanc said...

You might be a redneck if... :)

Just curious, Bibi--could you turn a few of the hens loose in the garden to help you with the potato beetles? Or would they just go to town on the veggies right now?

Lisa said...

Yea,that would be great but chickens cannot be trusted in the garden, they love everything equally:) I've heard ducks are good for that. Right now Its me plucking them off. Last year there were no beetles. They are back in numbers!

Cassandra said...

There are plenty of people popping out babies and volunteering at church. Your chosen path is one less traveled but not less valuable. :)