Saturday, April 7, 2012

found and foraged

I've lost all track of time. The last three days have been, I was going to say a blur but in truth nearly each moment is crystal clear to me. First off I found a teacher. Her name is Jackie Dill and she is a nature traditionalist, which ultimately means she has multi- generational native american traditions based in, on and about the natural workings of plants, herbs, medicinal and edible. Her mother taught her and now she teaches others. I have so much to tell you but I am so very tired right now I have to keep it basic and simple.

For the last two days I've been foraging wild foods with Jackie. Curly dock, wood sorrel, poke salet (the old time way of calling it) prairie sage, wild onions and garlic, lambs quarter, wild yam and green brier tendrils, buffalo berries or spice bush plants, honey suckle blossoms, wild mustard. Most of it is very new to me. I have had poke and a few things but not at this artisan level.

Her annual spring walk was today and about 60 people showed up in a small town and got a schooling on the amazing abundance of wild foods. Jackie is a natural teacher. Information and humor flows out of her at a comfortable pace. How fortunate I am to have learned of her through a CSA member. I had a great time and actually spent the day with people almost just like me. People looking for something. Out in nature seeking the connection that binds the earth with roots, without the confines of brick, wood, steel or whatever place we go to worship. No walls in our sanctuary, the preaching comes from mocking birds and red winged black birds that just simply sing and fly claiming no authority, and they raise us to our highest calling. Out there I am located, retrieved, found.

Second, when we got home last night one of our does, Sugar had kidded triplets. One week early (our my counting was off) all healthy and beautiful, she is a great mama and I can say nothing else but I feel incredibly inspired. Time to start working on a Menu for next weekend.

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Cassandra said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to end the week.