Friday, February 24, 2012

Lil' Lincoln

I see the coolest things on my walks. Yesterday I ran into and followed this wild turkey couple. At first my presents didn't seem to bother them but after a little while their pace quickened and off onto the the woods they went.

Some years ago I had a tom turkey named Lincoln. Lincoln was a huge broad breasted bronze, an heirloom breed. He was given to me and my then partner by my vet Dr. Denham on the condition he wouldn't be "a meal" that he would be a pet. He was stunningly beautiful. He would roost on top of the hen house like a statue. One September we had a big birthday bash and Buffalo- Fitz came to perform. The mandolin and guitar played old blue grass tunes accompanied randomly with Lincoln loud cackle, Lincoln loved music!  For some strange reason both musicians were afraid of him even though he sat still on his roost. Facing the group one or the other would take quick nervous glances behind making sure of the turkeys whereabouts.

I loved to watch him strut, he made quick friends of the hens and became their best guardian, he chased the dogs off every time they got near one of his precious hens or the hen house, he was very protective.  As a matter of fact one time we had a group of friends out for a pot luck and a daughter of one friend was gathering eggs when apparently Lincoln saw the 3 foot tall child as a code 4 threat and proceeded to attack. The terrified child was saved and only one broken egg, a few scratches and a fear of turkeys was born.

Come to find out Lincoln had a bad habit of pouncing on kids. Later  Dr. Denham revealed that one day out side his office he looked out the window to see what all the hollorin' and a screaming was about, Lincoln had a three year old pinned to the ground and started to jump up and down on the poor boys chest.  (this turkey weighed no less than 40 pounds) The parents were trying to get the turkey off of him to no avail. The terrified child lived, a few scratches and a fear of turkeys was born. For some reason I thought this story was so funny that we both laughed until tears streamed down our faces. There may have been pee.

Lincoln found the ex to be a threat so he challenged her, followed her relentlessly, flogged until finally she was chased into the house. He would then pace in front of the back door making sure she couldn't or wouldn't dare come out. If she did only because she had too she would armed herself with a broom. "This turkey has got to go!!!" she demanded. But I loved Lincoln. He followed me around like a little pup. I would toss him cat food treats and he would get so excited. He was so beautiful. Until the day I ran out of treats.

A few scratches, ripped shorts and a newly birthed  fear of turkeys, Lincoln was re-homed two hours later.
We had Lincoln for about three months. Whenever I think of raising turkeys I cant help to think of Lincoln.

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