Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get out there!

I just did a double take on the forecast of today's temperature; 70 degrees!!!
I'm down right giddy! this is onion planting day and pepper seed starting day. Most years I do this under deep layers of clothing with frozen fingers. Or I'm wringing my hands waiting for the soil to dry out. But this year I'm right on time. Partly do do with the decision I made to lamb and kid in April instead of February. Last year round this time we were lambing out 50 ewes, and 13 goats, which was invigorating and exciting but also extremely draining and exhausting because while all this life was trying to make it way into this world the seeds didn't get started on time, the ground didn't get prepared on time and the stress was enough to put me into a mental hospital. So change was needed, priorities addressed.

This year feels so much different. I really appreciate when I can look at how I do things with a critical but non judgmental mind. Decide I want this year to be different, I don't want to pull my hair out be riddled with angst and stress and miss the beauty around me. I want to sit on the four sisters rock. I want to breathe and I want to be calm and present in my life, I want to smile. How simple it ended up being, just to rearrange a few things. Of course it goes with out saying that having less animals helps to contribute to the peace and harmony around here. Being prepared for bad weather, sick animals, etc does ease the burdens of the mind. So its really just about the gift of experience and learning from mistakes and freak occurrences of the past. I don't know if three years ago I would have been able to form the insight I have now.

This morning I relish the fact that in less than two hours I'll be out with my hands in the soil. planting 2500 onion plants. In eight hours I'll be sweaty and dirty and I will have earned a hot shower. I rest in knowing this.

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Marie Wreath said...

Second only to learning from experience, there is nothing better, to my mind, than earning a hot shower by doing something you love! Our forecast here in Choctaw is 77* today! I a giddy too. Finishing up indoors asap s I can go outside and PLAY. Enjoy every hour, Lisa!