Monday, May 16, 2011

The troops came marching in

Early last week I put the word out to a couple of folks asking if they might want to come out and help me get the tomato and pepper plants in. Thursday two CSA members showed up at 8am and we were a team! Thursday became operation put'n out tomato and peppers! We planted a total of around 800 plants. In record time I might add. What would have taken me three days to do took 4 people 5 hours. Yea! Seriously I was nearly in tears I was so grateful. I am so much closer to being caught up, as a matter of fact I really am caught up now. Eggplant goes in next week a second succession of beets, beans , corn and turnips and I'm set. Its all about keeping things healthy and alive. (easier said than done).

The problem now is I have a full blown cold. Yup not good. You see I really need to rest and if I don't I'll just get worse but how do you rest when so many things have to be done? Linda is out of town for the next four days on business. What I have to do is just let it go. I have to rest. So I'll just choose a few really important things that cant wait and that's it. I'm not like totally under the weather but I have very little strength. So whats going to happen is if I don't take care of myself is, I will find myself flat on my back for more days than I care to admit. So my list just got very short.

a few things that cant wait and rest.

The short list includes:

cleaning the house, this gives me some sense of control and order.

administrative stuff like returning e-mails and phone calls (imagine that)

putting up a new rotation for the sheep who are seriously working my ass.

laying in bed with a giant cup of tea falling in and out of sleep and writing lists:)

That sounds like a good day to me.

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