Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sheep and Goats

You know the sheep have gotten a front seat in my life since January. A while back I discovered they were getting more attention than anything on this farm including myself! Goat barns remained un mucked so fences could get moved. The goats have been unbelievably understanding, while the sheep have been demanding and seem to never be satisfied. I love the sheep in their glorious proud beauty, but the goats are my pals, I can tell them just about anything. I feel a camaraderie with the goats like we're in this together. Maybe this is why I don't eat goats.

But I figure the sheep serve an important purpose in my life and because they are getting raised for food they deserve as much care and attention as I can muster. So they come first. Their pasture is my top priority, their health is given scrutinizing attention. They are also less able to fend for them self and require more attention especially from the blasted barberpole worm. The goats on the other hand have been my rocks. Little to no problems at all. But I'm really starting to understand how this is all supposed to work. I think I kept expecting things to somehow take care of itself, I think I had the impression that I could just sit back and watch the farm evolve naturally and I wouldn't really have such a big role. The fact remains that the animals on this farm doubled this year and while that may have been a little true with half of the amount of animals on the farm it certainly isn't the case now.

So mentally I'm finally catching up with my own farm evolution. I'm starting to find my place here. Its not that the work is less but somehow with finally surrendering things have gotten remarkably easier. Now it does make a huge difference that I have an amazing support team. My partner is a huge positive force in the success of this farm and now, the intern Josey has just blown me away with her work ethic and knowledge. I can breathe now. I can read, I can write and I even picked up my guitar last night for the first time in months. This is how things are supposed to be.

One thing I have come to accept and also possibly surrender to is change. But I'm not going to focus on the what ifs I'm going with this positive tide I'm caught up in and see where it takes me.


Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Goats are great pals to have. Hope all your friends on the farm continue to do well.

Cassandra said...

Good for you! Sometimes you have to get to the point where you just can't do any more before you remember that. At least I do! I'm rooting for you and the farm and all the little critters. You're doing an amazing job. :)