Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Balancing act

I should be out working. But I'm taking it a little easier than normal just to give this cold a reason to move out of my body more quickly. I woke up at 6am instead of 5am and I was in bed by 8:30 last night. Colds hate that! I do feel lots better but its hanging on and is giving my lungs a run for their money.

This farm is a balancing act that only works if you just let go. try not to concentrate to hard and just go with it. Don't look down, don't look backward, and don't look too far ahead or it all falls apart. Being in the present is like floating. Its effortless while your there. The hard part is staying there. I tend to get caught up in the net of anxiety, stressed out about the future, still trying to work things out in the past and often I'll just miss the whole day. Today has been a good day for allowing myself to just be in the moment. Mostly I have no choice, my body is exhausted and my brain has just given in. I need rest and whether I like it or not its not up to me I'm getting rest. Which has helped. My hands are tied.

I took my time milking all 12 goats this morning. I took my time bottle feeding, I took my time tending to all of the other animals and I'll take my time setting up new fence for the sheep today. Today I'm taking my time. Now chores did take me around three hours, which normally would drive me bonkers, but who cares. At this point I honestly don't. At around noon the new intern arrives and I will take my time showing her around.

I really need to get sick more often. I feel pretty chill.

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