Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new passions

We have been very fortunate to have missed some bad storms, we’re received lots of rain and that’s just what we needed. The garden is a swamp right now but our pastures must be singing! So glad to see that rain! and the rich lushness it creates which serves as a food source for over 98% of the inhabitants of this farm.

Things are going pretty good so far, the new intern Josey is an absolute dream, raised among dairy goats she’s a natural with the animals. Such a hard and fast worker we’ve managed to not only get caught up but make up for lost time early in the season. She is no stranger to farm life and just fit right in from the moment she arrived. She has a great positive attitude and let me tell you when you’re working the long hard days that we are, a positive cheerful outlook makes the day go by so much easier! How did I get so lucky!

So I must say the last week has been wonderful. It feels so good to come in from a day’s work and feel like I accomplished something. Now with Josey my work days are down to 11 hours from the 15 7 days a week two weeks ago. We work from 7am until about 5:30/6pm Sundays off. Life feels so great right now I’m actually enjoying farming again! I had some dark moments there for a bit.

So yea! Loving life right now beyond belief! The garden is really shaping up, the sheep are happy in their new beautiful barn and new rotation plan. The goats are healthy and as cantankerous as ever, the pups are good, the new pullets are starting to lay. The wild flowers are blooming and the grass is growing! What more could I ask for it’s a perfect storm for a successful season! This is my year peeps I just feel it. In spite of it starting a little rough it really feels like the wrinkles are starting to shake out (lord knows I don’t know how to operate an iron).

So I’ve got dreams folks, I’ve got goals. And for the first time this season I actually think I can pull it off. This is going to be the best Farm Table Dinner year, the best year in the garden and the year I dig myself out of debt. The hole is not very deep but its time. I’m putting all my eggs in that basket. And I am going to work as hard as I can. This is my year I can feel it. You know what I’m talking about? And I’m not even going to go to that place that tells me I can’t! I’m not going to that place that tells me I don’t deserve it, I’m just not going there! I’m going to stay in the place that says I can and I will!

Now I think I will go strain my chevre and make the best cheese ever!
I’m feeling good!


Silje said...

SO happy for you! just found your blog through, somewhere, have no idea where or who, loving the pictures. I grew up on a farm but have an academic career that I am enjoying but I am loving these peeks into farming life. Also gives me a better understaning of my parents

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Your doing it! Just keep doing it!