Tuesday, September 21, 2010

three days

Why cant life just leave me alone once and a while! Why, when I'm trying really hard to focus all of my energy on one very important task, do things keep coming up that cause me distraction. If I ignore everything else just for three days will the world fall apart? three days that's all I'm asking! and really now only two more. This is what I need to finish up planting for fall and winter. Nothing else needs to exist right now but that. AT&T notified me of EXTREME data use. Ok have no idea what that means of how little ol' me could have anything extreme from data. The deposits are adding up, the bills feel like they are piling up too and the e-mails, oy the e-mails. I only need three days, no wonder I cant take a dang vacation!

I'm ranting, I know. I hear myself loud and clear and again I do realize I'm catastrophizing! Thursday I'll sort it all out, Thursday. But today and tomorrow I plant, nothing else exists in my world except that! I will not be derailed.

I felt like this yesterday morning too, so I took a walk out to the pasture and opened a big gate to another pasture that I have been letting the sheep and goats into. It's lush and full of excellent stuff. The only problem is, there is the boundary fence of barbed wire but other than that its a little oasis surrounded by trees and creeks within 300 acres, so knowing the goats I wondered where they would end up. But I haven't gotten any calls from concerned neighbors yet so I let em' go for it. I walked back to the field and began my work, a few hours later I saw them all in a single file line headed back to the barn for their afternoon nap. They do this everyday with out fail and today thankfully was no exception. What a beautiful sight. That's enough to untwist my panties or take the pee out of my Cheerios! Seeing these beautiful animals come back home gave me an ahhhhh feeling. The day went off with out a hitch.

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