Tuesday, September 28, 2010

gitty up!

I've never been that cute little girl who loved horses, and had all the horse books and magazines and little figurines of horses on display in her pink color themed bed room. No not me. I did have a pink shag rug and white walls that were left empty. I decorated my room as a child with dirty laundry, shoes, books, art in progress on the easel waiting for finishing touches and albums, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Heart, Foreigner, Head East, and BOC, all of this of course scattered about. I was a mess.

My parents had a sort of time share thing east of the mountains as we say in Seattle, in a small town called Cle Elem. The time share thing was called "Sky Meadows" and folks would buy an acre, build if they want and come and enjoy the country for a spell. There we had one acre of land that my parents thought they would build a cabin on someday. Sky Meadows had some small stables and that's where Peanuts lived, a Shetland Pony I learned to ride when I was eight. I of course grew out of peanuts, whom, I, because of a little lisp would often refer to as penis, much to my parents amusement and at times I'm sure embarrassment. But me and ol'penis parted ways when I was 12. So did the family and Sky Meadows, back to a full time City life.

I've ridden a few time since but nothing really worth mentioning. However in spite of not being that little "in love with horses" girl, I've always been drawn to them. I have raging envy every time I see people riding happily down the street. I've always wanted a horse but really could never justify one and it really just never seemed practical. Until now....

This past few years I have been thinking about having a horse quite seriously, I've just kept it at bay cause I've never had the space or time to really make that kind of commitment, but the want has just kept getting louder so to quell my mind I decided the least I could do and the most responsible means to do it would be to take horseback riding lessons.

Meet buddy and Lindsey!

I did it! I took my first horse back riding lesson!

Lindsey started me off on Buddy, an 18 year old paint who is very gentle and used to being rode by kids. Which is good cause I totally feel like a kid. My first lesson went well and I cant wait to do it again! I don't know where this will go but it feels really good to learn something new and actually do something that is just for myself. I do see this eventually leading to horse ownership but that will be a while, I love horses enough not to have one right now, but I'm pretty sure there is a horse for me when the time is right.

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Stephen said...

Zeppelin rocks. My already high opinion of you just went up a notch!