Tuesday, September 14, 2010

keep on truckin'

Fall may be on its way and this by all accounts is a really good thing. What a summer! But for me its not time to slow down quite yet, right now I'm racing against daylight to get my fall/winter plantings in. With the help Michael a young man interested in farming who is helping me a few days a week we've managed to plant two beds of greens and build four cold frames. The cold frames will be planted on Friday and then its time to get to work on the hoop house.

Last year about this time I was unpacking boxes and trying to make this place a home. Planting didn't start till mid October and then it turned cold fast, so I feel miles ahead from last year! but regardless, the pressure is on and there are still three weeks of market left. I am definitely a woman who spends all her minutes in the day. Last week, on Thursday, I hit the proverbial wall and decided not to sell at the farmers market but to rest, catch up on some things and get ready for the farm table dinner Saturday night. Saturday's when we have a dinner scheduled they start at 3:30 am and go until midnight. Rarely does it happen when I just have to stop, but when it does I obey, I've learned to listen to myself rather than to suffer the consequences of an inevitable cold other illnesses.

This week is especially busy, Today I'm in Stillwater, Wednesday I'm teaching a cold frame workshop at OSU's Seretean Wellness center, then after, I get to go hear a talk from one of my hero's Temple Grandin http://www.templegrandin.com/ and then straight to a Global garden board meeting. Thursday planting and harvesting from dawn to sundown, then Friday I give a talk at the annual ADA conference that I'm calling "The Sustainable Kitchen" This is where I get on my soap box and rant about industrial farming whilst this sweet little conference is sponsored by the industrial food system. That should go over really well. Pray I walk out out of there with out hand cuffs on. Really I wont be exactly ranting, but that would be funny wouldn't it. I have to laugh a little.

And .... Saturday farmers market and our CSA pot luck! this I am really looking forward too!
Sunday another dawn til dusk planting marathon.
Never a dull moment. Never

I did make time for a nice long walk yesterday evening and it was so beautiful. I've got to be careful not to miss the changing world around me. Linda and I followed a cow trail through the property. Theses trails are great cause you never know where you will end up. Life is just one beautiful cow trail ain't it.

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