Friday, July 23, 2010

A time to share

Yesterday we had a group of Global Gardeners out from Rosa Parks Elementary school. That was a blast! what a bunch of incredible kids. They got a milking demonstration, then got to harvest ingredients for our lunch and then they got a cheese making demonstration which we used to make our own pizzas! We had a heck of a good time! It was a nice way to break up a really tough week.

So, I'm not going to candy coat things, so I'll just tell you, everyone on this farm is about to crack. The long days and extreme heat have made us all so emotionally frail that I started crying reading a Kohl's 15% off add. We start at 6am when there is enough light to make a difference and we get out and work in the field for as long as we can stand it 2 or 3 O'clock. Weeding, tying up tomato and pepper plants, harvesting, watering, trying to get what ever we can out of a struggling plot of vegetables.

The saving grace for me however is the outdoor kitchen project we've started. So after we get our work done we work on this project. We have built a 16X16 covered area and we are in the process of constructing a cob or what some call a clay oven oven underneath. Its pretty darn fun and its been really good to break up the day with something we're all really interested in.

Today we cob. I think the oven will be complete this afternoon. might be baking pizza tomorrow evening!

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