Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Llamas

Lets start by saying, no I do not need any more animals. there!

So my friend and Farmer's market manager Lisa Branborg saw me on Saturday and told me she really needed to talk to me about llamas. Llama(s)? I had arranged to get a gelding from her for my goats (they make exceptional guard animals). Apparently there was a good gelding that she could bring me right away, however, there was a small catch. four females came with him. All around 5-7 years old except 1 old lady who was 18. HA! It was a compelling story of saving these fine llamas from the sale barn, they were show llamas and were treated very well but the couple was elderly and couldn't keep them any longer.
Sure why not?
So, Lisa brought them over with Brenda, Brenda is a llama mama too. They needed to be sheared so Brenda went to work right in the trailer! they were all so good.

I put the gelding in with the goats and gave the four girls the run of the 35 acre pasture across from the house. They stayed close that evening and at least they knew where the water and loose minerals were and in the morning they were still there. The old lady was on her side and I thought for sure she was dead. I mean wouldn't that just be my luck. But no she was just laying down. She had trouble getting up so I helped her. She was wobbly on her legs but soon she was up with the gang and off they were to explore. Haven't seen em since. The field is high, really needs to be hayed but I'll go out and look for em this morning in case granny needs help getting up again.

Here's granny (the llama ;)

So no I don't need more animals but I do love llamas and I do have the space and plenty for them to eat, and I can use them as guards for the sheep!


Lost City Denise said...

How could someone turn down llamas! Congrats!

Gracie said...

LOL on "Here's Granny (the llama)

Sue said...

Not since Lily have I fallen in love at first sight with one of your animals, until Granny. I love her already!