Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hoe thyme

Out in the field yesterday hoeing, trying to catch up on the grass and weeds that are getting ahead of us. At 6am the morning was lovely then by 10am it started really heating up by 11 I could smell the oils of my body a combination of Carissa's soap, coconut oil and sweat. it wasn't bad but by noon there was a considerable difference in the aroma coming off my body.

I talk about hoeing and weeding a lot its a big part of whats going on here, and its an opportunity to really spend time with the crops. You learn a lot just by standing out there with them, you notice things you might not just walking by. Also the smells coming out of the earth are really interesting too. There are several weeds, not sure yet of their name but they smell sweet and fragrant when I cut through their stem at the soil line. At first I thought it was me but by that time there was no chance I was smelling sweet.

Today is more of the same. I have my Ipod and have been listening to Jesse Kalu and Friends, a CD I picked up in Sedona a few months ago. Its American Native new age meditationy like, so I imagine I'm in a sweat lodge. The sky and the soil are my walls and I just let the visions come.

Bella has the right idea!