Thursday, June 24, 2010

cool enough to think

I put the sheep in what we refer to as "plot 1" I know kind of boring, but that's how it reads on our organic certification paper work and in the grant paper work for the department of conservation. We have two more plots, guess what they are called. You got it Plot 2 and Plot 3. Plot 1 is a two acre plot I started for fall and winter growing. Plot 2 is 5 acres and this is where the summer crops are planted. There is actually only three acres planted and let me tell you that is enough. Plot three is everything else also labeled hay fields.

Plot 1 has been finished long ago, and has been getting weedier and weedier, so I did the only reasonable thing and put the sheep in there. They seem to like it and there is still beet greens and lettuce shoots so its not just weeds and grass. They are staying in there until I can at least get the mower in. I like plot 1 its pretty, there is a cedar tree border and its just really pleasant so I really see something special in that plot perhaps blueberries, it would be just the right size all fenced in slightly acidic soil. Plot 2 is just plopped down in the middle of the big field, no real character at all yet but I see fruit trees on the north.

Its easy to dream and have these visions when its a cool 70 degrees out, but soon it will be in the upper 90s and I wont be able to see a thing. Just steam coming off my hoe. But I like to dream and I like to imagine the future and now that I almost have a full year at this place I have really gotten to know it. So the future is a little more clearer and a little more possible.

I'm learning a lot this season. I'm learning a lot about my own physical limitations and that the experts like Elliot Coleman, really do know what their talking about. There have been in hind site a lot of mistakes made this season that have cost us lower yields and more work and a lot of head scratching wondering what was we thinking? If I only had it to do over again, but alas the market booth is full, and that is the important thing right now. But its good to know I get another chance, that I've have this season to learn from and next year will only be better.

So what would I do with out the sheep to help me out. They are the best weed eaters and grass mowers ever!

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nanc said...

You say "weed," I say "feed." It's only a weed if the sheep *won't* eat it, LOL.