Monday, June 21, 2010

The Dad's day chowdown

Our Fathers day chowdown here at the farm went off without a hitch. The weather cooperated with us and the clouds came out at just the right time, several large trees gave us beautiful shade and the breeze just made the day perfect. Fifty folks showed up to the farm and a big o'l handful n a half of yongins came to spend the day eating and enjoying the farm and all its gifts.

The day started with sungold nugget (cherry tomato) and summer squash harvesting in the field, later to join the buffet. I made a Kohl Rabi slaw, potato salad, cucumber salad, marinated feta with fennel, baked beans and broccoli salad all grown on the farm, Linda made the most amazing bread! plus the amazing green pepper and chorizo dogs from Pork and Greens, which were a absolute hit! (thanks Stephen, the non vegetarians were down on their knees thanking the good lord for you!)(Linda you are the official kick ars bread baker of the farm! best bread I've ever eaten!).


I have to say the day inspired me. I needed this day bad. It all makes sense to me now. Once in a while I get discouraged, I get exhausted and I sometimes sit with my head in my hands and think the restaurant biz was so freaking easy. But seeing all the folks at the farm and how the kids touched the lambs and fed the goats leaves, brought it all back for me and I felt the same excitement I had seven years ago, inspired by the farmers at my local farmers market in Seattle.

Here are some pictures of the day.

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Stephen said...

Looks like you have some nice big shade trees in the yard. Shade trees rock!