Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's the heat

The past several weeks have been tough. Record high temps and not a drop of rain. The ground is as hard as pavement,  the grass sounds like potato chips and the trees look like they are wilting. The heat comes in like a flannel blanket making it hard to breath. Yes I'm drinking water, taking dips in the pool when I can, but I'm finding it impossible to work. I try to get out early, but its hard I don't want to get out of bed. The alarm goes off at five and I don't take my first cup of coffee until six, cold, waiting for me on my night stand.

I drag myself out of bed each morning groggy and confused, tend to morning chores in a daze and then set about on the tasks for the day.  Need I say productivity is a big problem right now. All I seem to want to do is lie down and stare at the ceiling. I don't though. Yesterday and the day before I harvested 60 pounds of cherry tomatoes, Possibly close to 80 pounds of cucumbers, 30 pounds of soy beans and I have no clue how much okra. I rushed to jar yogurt, package feta, make a Armenian cucumber and yogurt salad, mix jalapeno chevre, gather eggs, milk goats, feed kids and load up for the CSA drop off. Unloaded, set up, realized I had forgotten to bring water, got dizzy and nearly passed out as the first CSA member walked up to pick up their share. Luckily I was able to go into the church and drink some water and cool off a bit.   

Today I have only been able to just do the bare minimum. As I write this its 100 degrees. It wont get any hotter and this morning was a beautiful 74 until 10am that's when the 80's then the 90's came sweeping in. So I did what I needed to and went for a swim. then it was off to the feed store. I have moments of clarity but they don't last long. I work hard to remember that tomorrow it will only be 97. Then soon it will be 50 and 27 and maybe 12 degrees and I'll be trudging along in my beloved carhearts. There might be snow and rain.
This will pass.

I tell myself I should embrace this time. I should sit in the shade with a cold one. If it weren't for the dust I would. I cant even dry the clothes on the line with out having to rewash them. Do I sound a little negative. I am, I just cant help it. I know better really I do. I need something I just don't know what. No, I do its called RAIN!

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jo(e) said...

Even here in upstate New York, it's been a ridiculously hot, dry summer. We haven't had any real rain since June. I don't know how my CSA farmers are managing to fill our bin every week -- it's been the worst drought we've had in a long time.