Friday, August 31, 2012

The farmer has left the farm

Only for the weekend. I'm headed off to Dallas to participate and be the cook for a zen meditation retreat (sesshin) I'm really excited and looking forward to the peace ahead. The farm is in the good hands of my partner Linda and she will get a little farm solitude which will be nice for her to.

I have a lot of meanering rolling around in my head right now. I started taking that class at Phillips Theologicle Seminary Its a series of classes called intereligious understanding. The first session is six classes on Native American religion and spirituality, first two classes, last one last night, mostly centered around language and history. The real history not the "white wash" version I'm accustom to. Its been difficult to know what to do with the injustices that have occured in this nation's past but that also contunu right now. So I'm chewing on some things. I share after they are digested a little, yea lucky you.

May your weekend be peaceful

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