Saturday, March 31, 2012

waiting for the cows to come home

The day ended with a cow search. We got worried earlier when we came home and we didn't see them. Linda drove around on the four-wheeler and could not find hide nor hair of them. We did find a washed out fence and evidence they had crossed over to the other side. NOT GOOD!!!! Concerned we drove over to the neighbors... reluctantly, to see if he might have seen or heard them. Last time there were cows here (not ours) they broke through his fence and caused a ruckus, We have four and we're talking forty back then. all in his front yard. He was a raving maniac as he came barreling down our road to notify us of things that cannot be repeated here on this very polite and proper blog. So for this visit I was my most politest and I tried to act sweet and ignorant, the men folk around here like that and generally respond in a more helpful manor.But if need be I will pull out the bitch and get down right frightening  (if m' kin folk could see me now). I told Linda stay in the car, if we have words don't curse! no shit, no fuck, no temper, just in case things turned south.

Thankfully all was well, he re assured me no one would shoot us as we embarked on a search of lord only knows who's land. (see it worked)!!! Cow patties and hoof prints were followed through the washed out fence over the creek bed, up inclines through brush and brambles, out into pasture down to the the creek bed again and up to another pasture on some one else's land while carrying a bucket of grain. No cows. COWS COWS COWS! we hollered while shaking the grain bucket. no holler back. Shit. I can say it, its my fucking blog! oh but I regress. Sun is going down. Oh and did I mention I had hurt the back of my heal so I could barely walk in my muck boots, I limped through the search. Oh and did I mention Linda got attacked by blind kitty yesterday and has a sore and swollen arm and wrist. We're a pair I tell ya.

No cows. The search reconvenes in the morning. More than one person has told us the cows will come home and we'll be a waiting. Shit  

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Marie Wreath said...

Oh no!!! I can feel your anxiety, but you should admit this is a funnily told story. Hope they're home now?? Good luck!! With both your cows and those neighbors. LOL