Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The re- plant

Decided to Take a short little lunch break and post an update while I snack on a rare mango I allowed myself to buy (no other reason than I am a tight wad) and green tea. I've been in the garden since eight this morning re-planting seeds that literally floated away in the 7 inches of rain we received last week. Not complaining, I am very grateful, the ponds are full and the grass is growing. There is more to this place that a one and a half acre garden plot. The sheep tell me this. But its true, grass is the second most valuable thing this farm produces, the first of course is water and we are far from producing it so when it comes we take it like the gift it is, nothing happens with out it, so a little day re-planting? not a problem.

This morning the temperature  rose fast. With the sun just coming up I required a light sweatshirt and my carhartt vest, by ten I was down to a t-shirt. Its 12:41 and its 78 degrees out, I'm tempted to loose whats left of my clothing if it wasn't  for the occasional wrong turn down our road trick and a possible visitor. I'm already dirty and sweaty, something I'll get very used to from now on. But a nice breeze has been keeping me cool and comfortable and I'm starting to awaken muscles I haven't used in a little while. Ah spring!

The good news is potatoes are up! planted two weeks ago with the help of a couple of CSA members we planted about 300 pounds. Onions fared okay in the downpour and all my tomato and pepper starts look good. The things that got washed away were lettuce seed, arugula, peas, carrots, beets and a other spring like things. Luckily I have plenty of seed and I'm almost done. Planting has always come with a large amount of anxiety for me, mostly I question the seeder. Am I sure the seed is really coming out? I've been using a beautiful COLE seeder on long term loan to me from a friend and Its amazing how fast I can blow through the field. These things run about 500+ dollars and I must say worth every flipping penny. I don't know how I survived with out one for this long. It seems like every year I discover and acquire a tool that makes this kind of work such a more pleasant experience. My prized wheel hoe, the six row seeder and now the cole seeder. Oh what pleasure!

Well time to get back at it, have a few more rows to plant till I'm off on another project.

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Marie Wreath said...

Fabulous! How inspiring. Loving the rain here, too. I have been torn in too many other directions lately to really get down & dirty in the garden, but tomorrow is my day for paradise. Still hoping to come visit your place sometime, maybe I'll bring loves & help! Enjoy that mango. : )