Thursday, March 29, 2012

A very good day

I'm minutes away from a badly needed shower, you'll hear that a lot from me. Today was full of activity, from first light out in the field finishing up the planting, watering tender seedling and laying more drip irrigation tape, and a for a few moments I sat in a row between beds still and quiet, listening to the wind whistle through the pea trellis. After field work it was time to tick off the little stuff that makes a big difference like repair work on leaky water troughs, They are just small holes but enough that it wont hold water for more than four hours, cant have that now can we. The day found its way to evening animal chores. Chickens got fed, eggs were gathered, waters got filled, goats got pet and kissed and at about 6:15 I escorted the sheep from the pasture back to the barn, and So went the day.

Its a day I feel deep in my bones, a satisfying feeling to sit and look out at the sunset with a good day behind me. I look forward to a dinner of pasta with clam sauce, home made bread and homegrown salad. I'm famished and thirsty, a good supper and glass of wine will smooth over the soreness in my feet and lower back. A good night rest will ignite the flame of tomorrow.

All is well on the farm tonight. From where I sit I can see the hens making their way to the hen house for the night, some wait till the last light to go in. I get that. These moments are priceless and I've learned to plunge into them.

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