Monday, January 23, 2012

Beavers in the

 I'm one that really cherishes wild life, but I've come to ask myself is this right? There are two ponds on the property that look to be over run by Beaver. I noticed their work last year with small trees and bushes gnawed down, I thought it was kind of cool. I got so excited when I saw a beaver's shy nose protruding from the water and I was fascinated by them all together. But after a long time away I decided to include the ponds on my morning walk. I was shocked and very disturbed from what I discovered.

Huge trees were gnawed and those little buggers were able to actually get them down. I could hardly believe my eyes. What to do? this seems rather destructive and how good is this for the ponds to have all these trees and branches drug in.
On the other hand it is nice cutting fire wood when the branches are totally stripped from the whole tree.

So a call to fish and wildlife management is in order.

                                                              beaver warning splash


Anonymous said...

The beavers I've been around in Mayes county seem to be intellectually challenged as dam engineers. Like yours, they cut down trees and then just sort of scatter the parts without building actual ponds which would be welcome. On one hand, they do cut down some big trees but over the last ten years I do not think they have cut them down faster then they regrow so I don't think they have a negative effect on the forest ecology.

Lisa said...

Thanks Don, good to know!

Alan and Leslie Moyer said...

We have beavers along our creek, too, and I'm worried that they'll take down critical trees that will alter the stream bank enough to alter the course of the creek, cause erosion, etc. But I figure they were here long before I was & they have just as much a right to be here as I do--or more. I talked with some of the Blue Thumb people about it and they seemed to think somewhat similarly. I don't know think the beavers are trying to engineer a dam so much as they're eating the bark and leaves of the trees they're cutting down. They're herbivores. That being said, I haven't cried over the 2 dead beavers the dogs have drug up into the yard! I don't like to see all of the damage they do to the trees either!