Thursday, January 19, 2012

eat more cookies

This morning started with an amazing sunrise a reason to just feel good. I’m almost over “the cold” and feeling much better. I’m able to breathe out my nose finally and take a deep breath without coughing for 10 minutes. It’s really interesting the far reaching effects a simple cold can have on daily life. It took all the energy I could muster just to do the basic chores. Things were left undone and I struggled not to chastise myself about my failings. But what could I do. What do you do when the mind is willing but the body is not? And I suppose what’s worse is what do you do when the mind is not willing and neither is the body? Nothing, you lay around and feel miserable, and even feel guilty for feeling miserable at least that tends to be my shtick. 

So I’m feeling pretty good so it’s back to work. So many things need attention. My spiritual practice today consists of not getting bogged down with the to-dos and just concentrate on one thing at a time, which includes breathing as a main priority. Baking cookies comes in second. I’m feeling well enough for cookies.  Actually, I feel like cookies could be the trigger to complete enlightenment. Okay maybe my thinking may not be 100% healed from “the cold”.  I’m certainly on the mend.

After cheese making I'll spend the rest of the day working in the greenhouses. Oh how I love this activity. I'm thinning today which means I'm taking a dense planting of lettuces and plucking out one inch segments leaving one plant every one inch. The thinnings will go into making the baby lettuce mix for the CSA members this weekend. The thinnings are the most delicate yummy things in the world. and thinning, the act of,  is a meditation in its self. It feels so good to me and often I just get lost in it and will find I've been thinning for hours.  Today just an hour. that way I can actually harvest other items for the CSA like kale and mizuna. Plus there is yogurt to be jarred and cheese to be strained so.... one hour only for thinning. 

I'm totally making chocolate chip cookies as soon as I press publish! 


Green Goose said...

Very glad you're feeling better, take it easy so you don't relapse. : )

You have got yourself a gorgeous day to work in the greenhouse! I too am headed outside here in bit, to work on our raised beds.

Best wishes with all of your wonderful projects!

Lisa said...

Thanks Green Goose. and yes good advice. I'll take it!

Cassandra said...

Cookies are, of course, good for a cold. :) I hope you had a good day and didn't work too hard.