Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waking up the farm

The farm wakes up well before I do. Before the sun has even considered peaking its big head up on the horizon. By 5am the chickens are off of their roosts and already hunting and pecking for bugs, The goats have made their way to the milk parlor door and wait for their milk maiden to come trudging out with clanking pails.  At 5 am I am either still asleep or writing in my journal. Most likely I'm asleep.This is a winters schedule and I have to enjoy this time while I have it.  

Morning milking is done by Linda while I tend to other morning chores, letting the sheep out of the barn, feeding chickens, cats and dogs. I go at a leisurely pace. This is winters pace and I have to enjoy this while I have it. I drink my coffee slowly and walk up to the barn rather than drive. I like the way the air smells in the morning and the way the cool air feels comes up from under my feet. This morning is cloudy and rain is in the forecast but just as the sun comes up in the east the moon is full and outrageously bright in the west directly over the green houses. This is the kind of stuff that just rocks my world.

By sun up the farm is loud. Lots of activity going on. Chickens are socializing and laying eggs which make a racket, dogs barking at the mail truck and each other. Lamb rams playing and lightly butting heads and taking breaks to eat hay and drink water. I am eating breakfast at this time, checking e-mails and making lists. I try to get motivated and start on the list. I’ve taken a quite a break over the last several weeks so I feel like work is reuniting with a good friend. I’ve had this cold so is not satisfying as it should be. As a matter of fact yesterday was just plain hard and I did very little. I think today will shape up to be much the same. I’ll work on web site stuff and plan the farm table dinner schedule and load up on fluids and rest. This is allowed, it’s the winter schedule and I have to enjoy being sick.  

I see a soup in my future, its 7 am and I’m craving lime and curry. Last week I made some chicken broth out of an old stewing hen from the freezer that was saved just for this very occasion. The flavor of chicken broth made from one of these pastured hens is remarkable. The stock is like jelly. All one needs is a steaming cup of this stuff to regain ones place in the world. I’ll keep my cup full today. But breakfast is hearty I’m hungry and need the energy so two potatoes browned with onions and pepperoni (left over from pizza night) scrambled with three eggs and homemade gouda melted in at the end. I have to admit it doesn’t sound good but I’m really enjoying it!

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Green Goose said...

Cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed that! Morning is one of my favorite times on this farm too, so much sensation, so many layers. Hasn't our weather lately begged for soups?? As for relishing your pace while it lasts, AMEN. I feel a twinge of guilt here and there but usually manage to remember that all things pass, so I should enjoy the pace of winter while we have it. Thank you for sharing this!