Wednesday, April 13, 2011

shoulnt I have this?

a 12 hour day not a 16
quiet time to rest and think
a full tummy when I strum my guitar at night
and warm milk when I stretch out in bed before I turn out the light
Clean dogs that smell good
and sheep that let me smell them if I would
Goats that don't kick or put their foot in the pail
and cheese that always turns out and never fails
Time to write and time to read
and time to meditate and breath
Shouldn't I have this?

What I do have is work with no rest
but dear friends so many the best
Dirt, sweat, poop and pee,
sour milk, but I still feel free
Achey body head to toe but a mind free and light as the sunrise's glow
Dirty dishes and unfolded laundry
many times a day little goat kisses
god knows whats on the floor
coffee is ready lets have some more
The field is dry and the grass grows slow
the sheep don't complain, I just have to move them more
bank account low but spirits high
some day soon I'll have the pie
Late nights writing when I should be in bed
with the love of my life beside me as I lay down my head
Shouldn't I have this?


Cassandra said...

That's quite nice, and a good reminder that the things we think we want aren't always so. Life can be good even when superficially, it might seem less than ideal.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

What a nice poem. It sounds like you already have most of those things, and how nice is that.