Friday, April 1, 2011

After the storm.... laundry

Well, I've made it through the lamb storm, (however ragged I look). we'll do a final count on Sunday when we tag, band and vaccinate all of the youngin's. This is the most we've lambed out at one time and I must admit it was a little challenging. Not so much for the sheep, life was easy for them, fresh pasture, clean water, shelter and a Shepherd that came to every their every beacon call. Oh... not to mention the weather has been absolutely perfect for them!

For me on the other hand its been hard work. But I have to say that hard work has paid off, we have three bottle lambs, out of 70+ (this is when we pull them from the flock and bottle feed them if they are not getting enough or sometimes any attention from mom) but other than that, all is well. The Ewes look healthy and strong and the lambs hearty and playful. I love spending time out there with them because its the picture of perfection and while all is lovely in sheepland all else has had to take a back seat for a time. Laundry has built up to epic proportions, the house smells like dog and there is just some general disarray wherever you look. So, look at the sheep please, they will tell the real story. For god sake don't talk to the goats. You know how goats are, they blow everything out of proportion!

So with the lamb storm passing the washing machine is being put to the test! Things are being put back in order. This feels good! I'm noticing the sunset and sunrises and can actually inhale and exhale fully with out my breath going into spastic seizures. There is tons to do, all the back seat items are suddenly sitting next to me looking at me with a huge stupid grin on their face. Yea yea, I say, I'll get to you.....soon, I mean it.


Sue said...

Oooooo, are the bottle babies inside the house? If so, you need help, don't you?! Dinky needs a warm lap to sit on -- pick me! Glad you're getting caught up. A full night's sleep is a beautiful thing. That goat comment made me laugh hard!

Lulu said...

I have a slight off color joke that I would like to tell you about sheep but I don't want to offend anybody. I have a very twisted sense of humor.
I too, was raised on a farm, pigs, 2 lambs, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs.
We also had a farm stand out front. We sold sweet corn, tomatoes and other things. My Dad worked in Construction during the day. My Mom and others would pick corn and tomatoes, etc.
This was in the early 60's A dozen ears of corn for 40 cents!!!!!!!!
I would bag the produce, etc and take cash and make change. I was 6 YEARS OLD with no computer let alone a calculater!
To digress, I have followed your blog for over a year. I am an avid animal lover!
I am also a realist and I love my beef and pork!
If you are going to use every ounce of the body for consumption. I am OK with that.
If you are going to raise minks for furs and discard their bodies for dog food. I have a really problem with that!
Thanks for letting me share with you

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing lulu! what a great story. Its amazing what kids are really capable of! Thanks for reading.