Saturday, April 2, 2011

Night watch

With all the lambs we have right now I am on high coyote alert. Thankfully the electronet fence is keeping a good charge and Kalamazoo the llama is keeping a good watch. He will practically stand over a ewe when she is giving birth. His back is to her and he stands tall and just watches outside the perimeter of the fence. I like him. He is serious about his job and the sheep like him and the lambs love him.

Each evening before bed I go out and just check things out. I was hearing a lot of barking coming from my two great Pyrenees, Ginger and Cozmo just north of the sheep pen, so I thought I best check it out. I got on the four wheeler so I could go around the sheep perimeter, one to check the fence and two to let the coyotes know I was a watching em'. I could still hear the dogs. So I drove in their directions. It's pitch black out and I see a set of glowing eyes in front of my head lights, my heart races. Soon I realize its just Cozmo, so I drive up a little further and start heading back for the house and there in front of me are two sets of red glowing eyes. Hungry I think, ready to kill.

My heart starts pounding. I think there are two of them maybe more I cant see. One of me. The dogs are still barking back at the creek. I think of the lambs. I think.., I'm the one on the four wheeler. I can scare the crap out of them at least. Heart pumping, their eyes still glowing motionless at me. I'm 50 feet away. They are staring into my head lights. The lambs! ! I throw it into gear and head straight into them at full throttle screaming a scream only a shepherd who has lost lambs to coyotes can conger up inside her throat.. at the top of my lungs.... "IYAAiiAAIIII...WOOWOO,WOOO"!!!!

I drive right into them, they split in two both running in different directions. I suddenly realized I was driving into a steep ravine. The eyes I saw belonged to deer which were now scattering a full speed. I tried to keep from going into a large cavernous ditch, at that point I didn't care what or who I was trying to scare off, I just held on for dear life and tried to maneuver the four wheeler and myself to safety. I came so close to biting it but I made it out unscathed, thankfully! The deer were long gone, my heart was still pounding. I laughed so hard I practically peed my pants I just scared the crap out of two deer and nearly got myself kilt! Maybe now they will think twice about helping them self to the garden and I'll think twice about driving into total darkness in a rage. After that trick I imagined the watchful coyotes were ROFLTAO!


Robin Leach and Leslie Brown said...

You go girl! Glad it all turned out okay!

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

This post is hilarious!! We forget all about our own safety when we think something is threatening the babies. I once stormed into the field wearing only a nightgown and chore boots, swinging a broom. Luckily the dog I was chasing away was afraid of the crazy lady and ran away instead of attacking.

Head Gardener said...

That post was pure high drama. My heart was thumping as I read along. Great suspenseful writing about a true life experience. There is no doubt you are a fervent protector of your flock. They are safe in your care.