Saturday, March 12, 2011


The smell of smoke its lingering heavy on the farm, Grass fires have kept their distance from us. Can’t see any fires from here but large plumes of heavy smoke can be seen floating up to the sky from all around us, but thankfully not close enough to be a threat. If I didn’t know better I would be concerned, the sunrise is setting the sky on fire with deep magenta and pink and orange. Filtered by the fog of grass fire smoke, it’s beautiful in an eerie kind of way.

As always things have been busy around here. Five ewes have lambed, two sets of twins within the last eight hours. 7 lambs so far. I have this feeling things are really going to pick up. Some of these girls look ready to pop two days ago. I never got to move them to the upper barn, lambing began so I figured we should just stay put. Kalamazoo (Llama) is very protective over the lambs, when I went out last night he was standing next to a ewe that had just birthed twins and looked like he was standing guard. Ginger my Great Pyrenees stayed put at the north side of the electro net. I’m on pins and needles. These coyotes need not come a visitin’.

This morning I’m practically giddy, a bunch of kind folk are coming out to help in the field. I’m desperately behind and this one day with the help eight people will put things back up on their feet. Sometimes I need help, what can I say. I quit believing I was capable of supernatural powers a few years ago, and learned to ask for help when I need it. As difficult as it is sometimes I manage to do it without feeling like an utter failure. This would be due to the years of phzyko therapy, haha.So were crop mobbing today, I feel the love

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