Monday, March 7, 2011

Critical stage- when to ask for help

The planting has begun, beds are ready in the garden and just need compost added, Seed potatoes are cut and drying and I’m reminded that I am one person and there is only so many hours in a day and that is very frustrating at times. Kidding has taken a break and will resume the 18th of March, and lambing is just around the corner. The scary thing is the farmers market starts in less than 30 days. And somehow I need to have some vegetables in my booth for that first market. Yea I’m freaking out.

If there ever was a time I need help it might be now. So I’ll call on the troops, some friends that have offered to help at times when I need it. I’ve been known to hold off until it’s at the critical stage and then ask for help and shit that might be where I’m at.

So yesterday we combined flocks. We had purchased 27 bred ewes over a month ago and have had them in an isolation pen away from our main flock. Looks like the coast is clear so we combined the 27 with the 19 bred ewes we have plus some young rams. We want to move all of them to the upper barn to lamb and this my friend is at the critical stage because lambing could start at anytime. We couldn’t have done it any sooner and time is just what it is but we feel like lambing in a barn will be safe in many ways mostly because we’re very concerned about coyotes right now. It’s now a matter of getting the jugs set up, water and electricity which is pretty close.

Speaking of Coyotes this has reached critical stage too. Yesterday one was standing just at the top of the garden right out in the open. It stood there for a very long time, long enough for me to get my riffle walk out into the open towards it and shoot. It ran ½ way down the garden foot path and then turned back I saw the tails of two more. I shot again and again. They have been feasting on rouge chickens, I have found two sets of buff feathers. Knowing I have the possibility of 80 lambs on the way I’m a bit touchy. All of the ewes are in a pen with the llama Kalamazoo who has a proven track record but I’m just not willing to take chances.

So I’m trying my hardest to stay calm right now but it’s difficult I have to admit. This is when I question everything including can I do this. Really do this? I have no choice, I’m doing it, but in all honesty I feel pretty scared and pretty desperate. Some of you, you know who you are will be getting an e-mail from me begging for your help next weekend.

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