Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm grateful

For 11 healthy kids
For a profoundly caring and loving partner
For the most wonderful interesting and lovely friends
For the family whom I lease the 400 acres I live and farm on.
For the guard dogs and lamas that keep the coyotes at a distance
For the sweet goats that have me convinced that they like me too
For the sheep and lambs who nourish and help to support the farm in so many ways
For sandy loam, mushroom compost, and animal manure.
For seeds that sprout and chickens that lay
For a warm house, a hot shower and a comfortable bed
For Lance who grows my alfalfa hay and Don who grows my prairie hay
For Stillwater milling
For The OSU Seretean Wellness center who has employed me now for 6.75 years.
For Dr Brooks (my Chiropractor)
For the Cherry Street Farmers Market and the board of directors who work so hard to make it the best market they can.
For the farmers and producers who keep the customers coming back
For our CSA members who have given us the gift of trust and confidence
For the guy who grates (sp?) our little dead end dirt road (thank you!)

I'm grateful for so many things

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ChrisP said...

and we are grateful to you for sharing - thank you.