Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slowing down

There is just the lightest frost on the ground this morning. Winter is slowly edging its way in. In some ways I've been fighting it a little which believe me I know is futile, but the garden looks so awesome and the threat of freezing temps is really gonna put my winter growing effort to the test. So maybe its not winter I'm against, I'm just a little scared of failure. OK terrified. But.... I have to re assure myself. Its been done before and even by me. There are books and farmers out there that make their annual living from winter growing. Anyway, all of the rows are covered. The green house is ready for plastic and I'm sure all will be well. I have 18 CSA members I'm accountable to so I nor Kasey will be slacking on making sure our green rows of spinach and lettuce and kale and chard are well taken care of.

On the other hand however, milk production has gone was down. I'm at half the production I was at just one month ago. Went from two and a half gallons a day of milk to just shy of a gallon. That means I've got no milk to spare or sell Every drop of milk is going into cheese making. I really need some more goats:) So right now I am milking 5. Next season I'll be milking 7 and after that 12. Talk about slow growth.

Egg production has increased slightly from zero to two now up to four a day. Thank goodness! I can eat a mess of eggs again for breakfast (a mess is over three). But really all this reduction of milk, eggs, etc its just the natural process, its smart really so I'm the one who needs to adjust. It reminds me I need to slow down start my winter projects. And just settle into to the cold comfort of the season to come.

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