Saturday, November 21, 2009

Date with a fence

I was driving into town last night making the CSA delivery and I was trying to find a decent station on the radio, one with out news just music. I started to get frustrated till finally I found this station that was playing this great sounding tune. It had a slow old country twang to it guitars, fiddle, banjo maybe, I don't know. It made me feel really happy. The tune sounded so familiar, but I just couldn't name it. It was great though, then a male voice, tenor came on singing happily, "walkin in a winter wonder land" . AGHHHHH! NO !!!!!! its November 20th!. I was tricked!!!! I nearly ran off the road kids. The station I tuned into was THE CHRISTMAS STATION 24 HOURS OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??????


yesterday was a fence day. The one thing you've probably heard about goats is its hard to keep them in. Its true. Goats prefer the fodder on the other side of the fence no matter what. They can get themselves in a whole bunch of unfortunate predicaments in the process if not looked after carefully. The Southdown sheep apparently have been taught by skillful goats on how to do the same. A few days ago they were all on the road happily grazing the fence line. It was a little difficult to herd them back, but a little alfalfa and the three of us being human blocks finally got them back into their pen. There was Ram wrestling. Now everyone is in the 10 acre valley fenced in safely.

I have really come to respect the ability to pull wire especially barbed wire. Yesterday I used a barbless wire to add a few more strands to the already existing 1/4 mile of fence. Normally I would have used field fence but the cost right now was prohibitive and I had the wire so I'll give this a try for now. So far so good. its been 10 hours so far. I know I'm setting myself up.

Ginger was a big help!


nanc said...

Next time you are using smooth wire, borrow my Gripple kit. Gets that smooth wire tighter than anything I've used. Also works fantastic on field fence.

Denise~ said...

I love a good come-along!

And a good dog for that matter.

Martha is loved - but no one would call her a "good dog".

Lisa said...

Nanc, thanks, I did buy a wire stretcher, really nice.